Marketing services and specialist areas



We'll help you develop a strategic, action plan that encompasses your brand and leverages your USP, to realise your business goals. From a full company wide Marketing Strategy, to individual Product Strategies and basic Social Media Strategy, we've got you covered. 

#BestBit- we won't fill your head with nonsense jargon! 


Brand Management

Are your team 'on brand'? Do you know your Brand Essence from your Brand Equity? 

From the way you and your team answer the telephone and the post-sale customer service, to the consistency and type of language used on your socials and email templates, we'll work closely with you to develop and manage your BRAND, ensuring your Brand Essence remains long after you've taken up retirement in Bali.


Social Media Management & Training

We cover both Social Media Management & Training.  Working closely with you, we'll ensure your message is effectively communicated and your brand is accurately represented in line with your core values, essence and personality! 

We'll work with you to help you understand which are the right platforms to showcase your business, products or services depending on your target demographic.


PR ad Content

From teaching customers the  key concepts of effective brand management and how to structure a Press Release, to actively working with customers and implementing responsive PR that protects their Brand when disaster strikes! 

For more information on  PR consultancy and support services, get in touch.